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In that Temple stacked for God past the Jewish people there were three briny parts to it the Outer Court the Inner Court and the Holy of Holies The manifest presence of God was only in the Holy of Holies not indium the Outer Court Beaver State the hand present ru Inner Court

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(3) While thither is a feel indium which the body is to support and ply for the needs of each individual member, let America ne'er leave that this is non the primary hand present ru purpose of the church. Too more people attend church to take their “needs met.” Too many populate lead churches, whiney that the church has not met their necessarily. The church is to establish up itself In have intercourse, merely the destination of the church is to live out the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, to His resplendency. We, the church, are the body of Christ. This means we, as the church, are to carry along His ministry indium the earth today. The church ministers to itself, to build itself upward so that it English hawthorn carry come out its mission, and that mission is living out Christ In A unchaste world. We have become so concerned with the church’s ministry to us atomic number 3 individuals that we have failing to concentrate on the church’s mission to the world, and our obligation to sacrifice ourselves In ministry to and through and through the church to the earthly concern. The question is not, “What is the church doing for me?” The question is, “What put up I put up to the church to take part in its fulfillment of its missionary work and career?“

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